Dedicated SMTP for Increased Email Deliverability

Dedicated Outgoing SMTP Service (DSMTP) allows you to send emails from your own dedicated IP, without sharing traffic with other domains, optimizing your IP reputation and ensuring your emails land in your recipient's Inbox.

  • Dedicated IP for all outgoing emails
  • Unlimited daily bandwidth
  • Unlimited number of outgoing emails
  • Dedicated SPF record
  • With DKIM digital signature on outgoing email
  • With DMARC setup
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between dedicated and shared outgoing IPs?

When you use a shared IP address to send emails, your messages are sent from an IP that is shared among multiple senders. If these senders follow poor email practices or engage in risky sending behaviour, they can damage the reputation of the shared IP, which then affects your email deliverability.

Dedicated IP, on the other hand, is an IP address that is only used by you (and users within your own domain). You don't have to share traffic with others and can avoid any possible burden that comes from damaged IP reputation.

How DSMTP helps increase my email deliverability?

Email server IP is closely tied to email deliverability, as emails coming from an IP with good reputation have a higher chance of being accepted into the recipient's Inbox. On the contrary, emails coming from a bad reputation IP tend to end up in the junk or spam folder, or even get rejected or blacklisted by the recipient's server.

Subscribing to DSMTP means you will have a designated IP for all your outgoing emails, giving you complete control over your domain and IP reputation and thus, improved email deliverability.

By applying DSMTP along with good email practices, it is extremely unlikely that your emails will land in the spam folder.

Why should I use DSMTP?

Apart from having a designated IP for outgoing emails, DSMTP is also configured with DKIM, DMARC and SPF that ensure email content authenticity, providing higher delivery rates on new recipients, and professionally projecting your company's email system.

Who should subscribe to DSMTP?

We strongly recommend companies who take emails seriously - who use email as primary communication method, or want to have 100% compliant with email standards and high security - to apply for DSMTP.

Can I use DSMTP for newsletter distribution?

You may use DSMTP for newsletter distribution, sending to constant contacts. We recommend to send outgoing emails at few hundreds a day or few thousands a week.

Bulk mails and high traffic newsletters (with few thousands of emails sent each day) are NOT recommended.

What if my dedicated IP get blacklisted or blocked?

When we acquire a new IP address for the use of DSMTP, we will ensure that the IP is whitelisted and clean from major global blacklist system such as Spamhaus, Spamcop and SORBS.

If a DSMTP IP is blacklisted as a result of service being abused (e.g. used for spamming), compromised account or complaint by recipients, it is the customer's own responsibility to perform whitelist submission to relevant blacklist service providers. Any whitelist service requested to Lookafter is subject to a service fee, as stated in the terms and conditions.

What is the terms and conditions of using DSMTP?

Please visit Dedicated Outgoing SMTP Service T&C for more details.